Libelula festival Award Winners, 2013

"Reality 2.0" - Victor Orozco Ramirez, for addressing a global and concerning issue by using the animated form.

"Astigmatismo" - Nicolai Troshinsky, for translating a relevant and salient theme with wonderful clarity.

"Brenvilles animated London scetchbook" - Nathan Brenville , for using a clean and concise story structure to convey a meaningful message eloquently.

"Dji. Death fails" – Dmitriy Voloshin, for its use of wonderful character design to address an otherwise sad topic with much grace and humor.

"Saturday the 14th" - Kristjan Lyngm, for its use of the visual media to convey a brilliantly conceived retelling of a folkish story and character.

«The Gift» - Julio Pot, for telling a love story in a very humorous and thought provoking manner.

«My Strange Grandfather» – Dina Velicovskaya – special jury award



Great news from Libelulafest!
This autumn, the program of our festival is not limited only by watching the competition program, we will bring wonderful musicians."Kamilla" - appeared in autumn 2012 the project of two musicians, Camilla Pluzhnikova and Alexei Orlov. If Camilla plays jazz and experimental directions, then Alexei professionally engaged in folk-music, and their every meeting on the stage - a very beautiful and elaborate dialogue of different musical styles. Another highlight of the project - a low female voice and intelligent, graceful lyrics in Russian and European languages.


Great News

Few days ago we got a mail from Eric Shaw, you may know him as a writer for the animated series «SpongeBob SquarePants». Eric Shaw confirmed his participation in the festival as a juror. Also he will hold few master classes for participants of the festival. By the way, on behalf of Libelula team we congratulate Eric with newly won Emmy award for Outstanding Writing in Animation. Follow our news!